Rent a Post Office Box (P.O.Box)
Now available in Beau Vallon, Victoria, Anse Aux Pins, Anse Royale, Perseverance, Grand Anse Praslin, Baie Ste Anne Praslin and La Digue.

Visit any Post Office with your identity card and get a permanent business address or a personal address.

Coming soon - P.O. Box Rental at Providence.

Post Office Box mail delivery is faster and done daily.

It is convenient. You have 24 hours access to your mail.

Apply for a P.O.Box now or Call us on 4288555 or Email:

Letter boxes shall be allotted for periods not exceeding 12 months.  Provided that no period of allotment shall extend beyond 31st December in any year.  

The annual rental for a box shall be R1500 Victoria, R 1200 Beau Vallon, and Providence, R 600 Anse Aux Pins, Ile Perseverance, Baie Ste Anne, Grand Anse Praslin and La Digue payable in advance.  

The Postmaster may, if the rental is not paid by the 31st January in any year, allot the box to another person’s, and may if the previous allotment, return the keys to such box, utilize the deposit paid by him to defray the cost of changing the lock on such box.  

After allotment and on receipt by the Postmaster of a deposit of R225 a set of two keys shall be delivered to the allottee.  On the surrender of the box in good condition together with the keys the Postmaster shall refund the said deposit.  The keys shall at all the times remain the property of the Post Office.  

The deposit will be forfeited if at any time the keys to the box are lost or the lock is broken.  On the receipt of another deposit of R225 a new lock will be fitted and a new set of keys issued.  Any correspondence received in the meantime will be delivered to the allotted in the usual way.  

No lock other than that supplied by the Post Office shall be fitted to the box and no repairs may be executed except by the Post Office.  

The allottee shall be liable for any damage to the box, to the lock or to the keys due to his own willful default or neglect.  

Delivery into post office boxes shall in all respects be equivalent to personal delivery to the addressee.  

Those letters only will be places in the box, which are addressed to the allottee or his care or to the number of the box to the Postmaster.  

Correspondence can be re-addressed from one box to another in exceptional circumstances only, and upon application to the Postmaster.  

Correspondence missorted or erroneously addressed to a wrong box, must be immediately reported by the allottee of the box in which it is found after writing thereon the words” Not for box o. …………” Alternatively the correspondence in question may be handed personally to an official on duty at the Post Office to whom explanation of the circumstances under which the correspondence was found should be given.  

Other correspondence which has passed through the post may be placed in post office box, and any other articles found therein will be surcharged as if posted out of course.  

In the event of an allottee being unknown to a post office official the  post office the allottee may be identified by a credible person, or by production of the receipt for the box rental, or by such other means of identification as may satisfy the postal officer.  

On a breach by the allottee of any of the conditions hereinbefore, contained the Postmaster shall be entitled, at his own discretion, to forfeit the box, and no person whose box has been forfeited for any cause, other than non-payment of rent, shall thereafter be re-allotted a box.
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