Letter Post / Parcel Post Services
Letter Post Services
This page is designed to help you choose the most appropriate service for your mail. It contains prices and conditions for all postal letter and parcel services within the Republic of Seychelles and to the rest of the world.

For your INTERNATIONAL mail, you have the choice of three main services.

1. For Economy
Surface mail conditions and prices are divided into two main categories: Letters and Printed Papers. The Printed Paper rate, which is the cheapest of all for international mail, is for unsealed commercial items, including advertising material, books and newspapers. Personal letters and taped messages cannot be sent as Printed Papers. When using the service you should always mark the item clearly “Printed Papers”.

2. For Speed
Airmail provides a fast service to all parts of the world, using all available flights. Pricing has been simplified. There is a single rate of R8.00 for postcards to any destination. Aerogrammes cost R6.00 also to any destination.

Like surface mail, airmail is divided into two categories. Letters and Printed Papers. The rules for Printed Papers are as for surface mail, i.e the service is for unsealed commercial items, including advertising materials, books and newspapers. Personal letters and taped messages cannot be sent as Printed Papers, and all items must be clearly marked “Printed Papers”

3. For Extra Speed and Security
EMS (Express Mail Service) is a special service for rapid transit and delivery of documents and merchandise to almost anywhere in the world. The service is reliable, secure, and very fast, linking it to Post Office courier services worldwide. For further information, contact E.M.S Liaison at the Central Post Office, Victoria.

For your LOCAL mail, there are two services: Letters and Printed Papers. To qualify for the lower, printed paper, rate, items must be unsealed and may contain only commercial materials, such as bills, advertising, books and newspapers. Greeting Cards may be sent as Printed Papers provided they are unsealed and contain only a simple greeting. Personal letters and tapped messages may not be sent as Printed Papers.

In the local service, the weight steps for both the Letter and Printed Paper services have been kept at 50 grammes.

Parcel Post Services
Affordable, secure and reliable option for shipping

  • Parcels and Packages
  • To all international destinations
  • Two shipping options: Air and Surface
  • Tracking & Proof of delivery is available
  • Weight limit 30 kg
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